Angelfish Breeding Update

2015-05-08 15.42.06

So my experience with angelfish breeding has been less than ideal. I’ve had 5 spawns now in total but am still yet to rear any fry successfully.

My first three spawns were in my large community tank of which I wasn’t expecting any great results. The spawn generally lasted the day but was overrun at night by either my ghost knife, pictus or peppermint plecos. I then moved the pair into one of my small breeding tanks originally purposed for my plecos. After a few days the pair spawned on the breeding cone in the tank. Unfortunately the pair didn’t fan the eggs enough and fungus took over and spoiled them. Next spawn was only a few days later, much smaller and after I noticed the spawn i found the female attacking the male.¬†After separating the two to stop my male getting killed I concluded that the issue was that the breeding tank was simply too small.

I’ve now moved the pair back to the community tank and they appear to be friendly again. The plan now is to let them spawn in the community tank and then extract the eggs and hand raise them in the breeding tank with an egg tumbler.


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