DIY Python Water Change Tool

Python 50ft No spill Water Changer

The Python is a well known and popular tool for water changes. It’s simple and allows you to use the same hose for both draining and filling the aquarium. Today we want to look at a DIY solution to achieve the same results at a lower price.


Parts Required:


      1. Use the shut off valve and the Hose/Tube fitting to connect your gravel cleaner to your garden hose.
      2. Attach the other end of the garden hose to the waterbed fill & drain kit
      3. When ready for use attach the waterbed fill and drain kit to your tap faucet.



First ensure that the shut off valve is in the off position and the fill & drain kit is set to drain. Then insert the gravel cleaner into your aquarium and slowly adjust the shut off valve to start and control the flow of water. You should set the flow speed such that dirt is being sucked up off the bottom of the tank while your substrate remains grounded. Once the desired amount of water has been removed from the tank close the shut off valve. You can lift the gravel cleaner up in the air and open the shut off valve to clear the rest of the water in the hose.


To fill, start with the shut off valve off and the fill & drain kit set to drain. First run the water and get the temperature close to your aquarium water (a spare thermometer helps here). Once ready turn the valve on the fill & drain kit so that it runs through the hose. At your aquarium you can use the shut off valve to start running the fresh water into the tank. While it is filling you should add whatever tap water conditioner and other additives you normally use. Once filled simply close the shut off valve, take the gravel cleaner to the sink and open the shut off valve to empty the last of the water out of the hose.


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