Amphilophus longimanus

Amphilophus longimanus

Scientific Name: Amphilophus longimanus

Species Card

Size: 10' Temperature: 76 - 80 pH: 7.0 - 7.6 Hardness: Hard Difficulty: 3

Sexing: Monomorphic



Substrate Spawner

Locality: Guatemala, Honduras, Costa-Rica, Nicaragua

A beautiful cichlid that will demonstrate some similarities in behavior to it's close cousin, Amphilophus robertsoni, (Blue Sifter Cichlid). Males tend to grow just a bit larger in size than the females, though markings will be almost identical. Subtle variations in coloration are noticeable in species found from various geographic locations. With those from the northern regions exhibiting a darker, more blue coloration than their southern relatives which tend more towards orange/gold hues. A fairly peaceful cichlid that can be safely kept in mixed species aquariums, with calmer, more peaceful companions. Beware of conspecific aggression, as more than one individual is best kept in the aquarium as part of an established/compatible pair.

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