Hemiancistrus sabaji


Hemiancistrus sabaji

Scientific Name: Hemiancistrus sabaji Common Name(s): LDA002, Para Pleco L075, L124, L301

Species Card

Size: 250mm (9.8')

Identification: See CotM article link below. Sexing: Unreported, doesn't follow the norm for Peckoltia species.



They are sexually mature around 13-14 cm SL but there are only small differences between the sexes. The male grows just a little longer interopercular and pectoral spine odontodes. The latter are small compared to many other species in the same genus. The females get very plump when gravid and her genital papilla will look round and be very visible, males stay slender and elongated in their body. They are cave spawners and the main problem is to get both sexes and a pair that match each other in terms of size and temperament as the spawning is remarkably gentle in comparison to most other species especially Hypancistrus.

Furniture: Provide plenty of rocks for hiding. Tank does not need to be well-planted. Low rounded rocks and close to the ground driftwood crevices are favoured. This pleco doesn't commonly attach to the glass or venture very high in the water column. Locality: 5.9 kilometers west-southwest of village of Sand Creek, 02.96656
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